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Expert Advice For The Business Owner

Our business clients benefit from having an experienced, knowledgeable and professional attorney who knows them and their business. Eric Morton has built his law practice on the philosophy that all legal services given to a business client must be custom made for that client's business and the client's goals. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can protect their interests and assets. Our clients enjoy the relationship they have with an attorney who always returns their calls and emails, and understands them.

Hundreds of our clients have benefitted from properly formed business entities, including corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited-liability partnerships and limited- liability companies. For more than 20 years, the principal of the firm, Eric Morton, has guided clients to choose and organize the right entity for their businesses. The purpose of such entities is to protect the client's assets and interests. Simply put, we learn our client's goals and work towards meeting them.

We assist clients with a range of business transactions, including the sale and purchase of businesses, negotiation of leases and drafting commercial contracts. With a background in hundreds of disputes and lawsuits, including dozens of trials and arbitrations, we use our experience to identify potential problems areas for our clients so they can avoid trouble and stay out of court.


We Can Assist You in Clarification of Contracts
Reviewing and drafting clear and thorough contracts is the best way to avoid disputes and stay out of court. Nearly all lawsuits involving contracts arise from miscommunications. Our clients avoid miscommunication and badly drafted contracts by contacting us.

Contracts You Can Understand
We quickly, efficiently and professionally draft agreements that can be understood by the parties involved. Our firm’s philosophy is that an agreement should not be so dense that the client can’t understand it. Negotiating and drafting a contract is a collaborative effort between the client and the attorney. We encourage our clients to be as fully involved as possible. Through our firm’s diligence, our clients get the best possible agreement and fully understand their rights and obligations.

Protect Your Interests
We protect our clients' businesses and assets are protected because each transaction is negotiated and formalized, by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. A company that has well-documented corporate records has greater value and is more marketable. Companies that systematize their business processes are more marketable and can be sold for a greater price. .

Understand your contract obligations with our Contract Review Service
Documenting your transactions is also beneficial because:

  • A clearly drafted contract will avoid disputes.
  • A company with thoroughly documented transactions can avoid paying higher taxes.


We work closely with our clients to negotiate transactions.  We understand our client's goals and we negotiate the terms of contracts and other transactions with those goals in mind.

Since we have much experience in business litigation, we put that to work in a practical way in reviewing and negotiating the terms of agreements.  We can catch hidden traps inside the terms of a complex contract that will give rise to disputes.


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