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Dispute Resolution  | Business Litigation

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution With Expert Advice from a Knowledgeable Attorney
Early intervention by an attorney can substantially reduce your legal expenses. An attorney who understands you, your business and your goals can handle a business dispute much more effectively.

We believe that disputes and litigation should always be handled with the best interests of the owner in mind. You can receive positive results when an attorney always remembers the goals of the client.

We have litigated civil lawsuits in all of the courts of Southern California, including the Superior Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court and Bankruptcy Court. We take that experience into each of our clients’ disputes. We are adept at settling disputes prior to litigation as well as aggressively representing clients in court if that is what it takes.

Business litigation

Effective and Cost Efficient Representation (see video below)

In the event that you do need to go to court, we have developed a revolutionary system for handling business litigation cases. 

Most law firms assign one or more attorneys within the firm to handle a matter.  The client pays for the overhead of maintaining those attorneys and their offices.  This is a very expensive process.

We take a different approach.  We have a project management approach to litigation that puts the client in control of the case and its costs.  Furthermore, the client can easily monitor the status of a case and individual matters in each case through our use of cloud law practice management.

Every month, during the course of a lawsuit, we sit down with our client and review the status of the case and our strategy.  We and the client determine the actions we will take or anticipate for the next month, and the associated fees and costs.  The client fully understands the status of the case and determines the course of the litigation and its cost.

We use MyCase, a new cloud law practice management system to manage our cases.  One of the great features of this system is that it allows clients access online to their files and can review the status and calendar of their cases.  This eliminates the need for papers files.  Most importantly, the client always knows what is happening.

We hire experienced attorneys on a contract basis to handle specific assignments within each case.  The hourly rate to those attorneys is considerably less than a large law firm.  Furthermore, when those attorneys are given an assignment, they are given a specific amount of time to complete the assignment.  The client is informed as to each assignment and the cost.

The client is in control of the case and knows approximately how much will be the attorneys fees from month to month. 

This system is made possible by advances in technology that allow attorneys working on a case to exchange documents, conduct discovery, and effectively communicate with each other even if they are not located in the same office.  Advances in document storage also allow such a system to be possible.  Large law firms are just not necessary for business litigation anymore.

Since the attorneys are hired on a project by project basis, the amount of attorneys fees is generally one-half of most firms and one-third of large law firms. The quality of the attorneys working on each is ensured by careful vetting and management.  All the while, the case is managed by an attorney with over 20 years experience.

The result is an approach to business litigation in which the client is in greater control and the costs are greatly reduced.





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